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TT Fan 150mm 552m3/h

TT Fan 150mm 552m3/h
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TT Fan 150mm 552m3/h
Manufactured from plastic, the Vents TT Range is ideal for installation in ventilation systems with high pressure, strong airflow, and low noise level. Features: - Quiet and safe operation - Compact size - Speed switch - Access to motor and impeller without dismantling ducts if would like to calculate the size of fan you require simply follow these instructions: What fan do i need Measure the Height, Length and Width (in metres) of the growing environment. Multiply together (H x L x W) to give the cubic meter volume. Multiply this figure by 20. This is the size of fan required to change the air 20 times in an hour. Buy the fan slightly above the figure calculated if possible to ensure adequate ventilation.

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