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Wilma Big 8

Wilma Big 8
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Wilma Big 8
Atami Wilma BIG 8 Pot Complete System - the best results from a pot! Because Bigger is Better! - Perfect for a 2.4m x 1.2m grow area or tent. The Wilma BIG 8 has been developed to offer more growing space for fewer plants – allowing you to grow big and achieve larger yields. Why the Wilma System produces great results! - Frequently feeding means greater uptake of water and nutrients. - Active hydroponics; roots do not rely on the capillary action of the growing medium. - Free draining root zone means no nutirent buld up or water-logging. The benefits of the Wilma Systems. Bigger yields - plants take up more water and nutrients than hand watering pots, as they are fed little and often. More choice - grow in soil, coco, clay or rockwool; there is a Wilma dripper for every medium. Less hassle - the Wilma is low maintenance. Manage one nutrient solution tank for upto 20 plants and top up every couple of days - far less than hand watering. Flexibility - pots in a Wilma are independent of one another; plants can be moved around under lights or replaced. A time is used to increase the number of feeds to suit the life stage of the plants. Reliability - the Wilma has a reliable anti-leak design. The Wilma pots fit snugly into perfectly sized 'slots' in the tray, which in turn sits over a reservoir greatly reducing the chance of leaks.

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