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Hydroponics Canna now available in Atherton, Manchester. Close to Leigh, Bolton, Westhoughton, Wigan and Walkden

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Canna Additive Ca 15% (Calcium) 1L
The plant tissues are optimally stabilised by using CALCIUM. It stabilises the cell wall, influences..
Canna Additive Fe Plus (Iron Chelate) 1L
Canna Additive Fe Plus (Iron Chelate) 1L Iron fulfils a number of important functions in the plant's..
Canna Additive K 20% (Potassium) 1L
You can optimally improve the quality and the quantity of the blooming top by using ORGANO POTASSIUM..
Canna Additive MgO 7% (Magnesium Sulphate) 1L
Magnesium is the central atom in chlorophyll and so is essential in photosynthesis. Furthermore magn..
Canna Additive N 20% (Nitrogen) 1L
NITROGEN plays the major part in the protein synthesis and in the energy metabolism, which is essent..
Canna Additive P 20% (Phosphor) 1L
CANNA's PHOSPHORUS influences the bloom and the secondary metabolites and can in addition directly b..
Canna Additive Trace Mix 1L
CANNA's TRACE MIX consists of several trace elements that are essential for the plant. These trace e..
  CANNA Terra Vega CANNA Terra Vega is a complete professional nutrient f..