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Dutch Master

Hydroponics Dutch Master now available in Atherton, Manchester. Close to Leigh, Bolton, Westhoughton, Wigan and Walkden

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Dutch Master Add.27 Flower 1 Litre
TANK ADDITIVE: ADD.27 USAGE INSTRUCTIONS Available in: Grow, Flower 1 Litre, 5 Litres * The Worlds..
Dutch Master Gold Potash 1 Litre
The World’s Latest Technology In P-K Boosters! Only The Best British & US Pharmaceutical Grade Ingre..
Dutch Master Gold Saturator 1 Litre
Combined with Liquid Light, Saturator is a foliar spray that can be applied while the lights are on!..
Dutch Master One Grow
Designed for use with all grow media. Dutch Master ONE is a super premium single-part hydroponic nu..
Dutch Master Replicator 60ml
Gold Range REPLICATOR - USAGE INSTRUCTIONS Available in: 60 Millilitres Still Having Trouble Takin..
Dutch Master Reverse 1 Litre
Gold Range REVERSE is the latest design in ‘unwanted-flower’ foliar sprays and follows on from our w..
Dutch Master Silica 1 Litre
Dutch Master Silica is a special formulation of plant available silicon designed to help restore nat..
Dutch Master Zone 1 Litre
Dutch Masters Zone is great for improving your root zone and ensuring that your plants are able to t..
Dutchmaster Liquid-Light 1 Litre
Dutchmaster Liquid-Light product details: Growroom looking a little dull? Well it probably does to y..