Adjust a wing reflector with super spreader

Adjust a wing reflector with super spreader


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medium adjust a Wing reflector with cord

Suitable for - 250watt, 400watt & 600watt

dimensions - 70cm x 55cm

Double Parabolic Reflector-

* High reflectivity for low costs.

* Comes with a "super spreader" to help control hot spots.


* Double the power and effiency compared to other reflectors,

* Growing area is increased under each lamp by upto 75%

* The average yeild is increased upto 50% under each lamp.

* Reduces heat, & saves power.

The Adjust a wing Reflector offers many benefits for the avid grower.

Because of the Adjust a Wings large reflector it can cover larger areas, therefore reducing the amount of electricity needed, which the end result is low costs. You get twice the power and efficiency of others on the market.

The reflectors large area can increase the growing area underneath each lamp by upto 75%, almost doubling the yield by 50%.




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