Bio Nova Coco Forte A+B (1Ltr)

Bio Nova Coco Forte A+B (1Ltr)


Bio Nova Coco Forte A+B has been specially designed for cultivation on coco and coco fibre substrates. One bottle contains all the necessary nutrients for both vegetative growth and flowering, making this fertiliser simple to use.

Coco Forte is a complete nutrient solution and contains only Food Grade Quality minerals which the plants can absorb directly, giving the quality of the best organic fertilisers but the convenience of a synthetic A+B system. Various elements have been added to this A+B fertiliser, guaranteeing optimal growth and flowering on coconut slabs.

Benefits of using Bio Nova Coco Forte A+B include:

  • Growth and flowering formula contained in one bottle
  • Complete nutrient solution
  • Contains only Food Grade Quality minerals
  • For use on coco substrates


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Typical usage: Continuously mix 10-23ml A + B per 10 litres of water. We recommend checking the pH once the nutrient solution is mixed, adjusting it accordingly to around 5.8-6.2. If re-using coconut slabs, an EC measurement should be taken to determine the initial dosage beforehand. Make sure the slabs are free of diseases before re-use.


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