Budmaster Orion OD 60

Budmaster Orion OD 60


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Our new range of UL (pending) approved strip lights are an ideal low wattage high output replacement for T5 or CFL. We use the Osram SSL 80 family of LED at low power to produce an effective lasting solution for the vegetative growth stages that will completely blow away your T5 or CFL.

These lights run so cool you can leave them on for 24 hours and they don’t even get warm and you can get them as wet as you like with our IP65 rating so spraying, misting, insect /particle ingress and condensation are not a problem for our Orion range. Orange marine grade UV resistant paint keeps the aluminium body clean and visible.

With complete quality control easy to achieve with UK support we have used 100% UL / CUL approved components in the construction of Orion OD. Every component is UL approved. UL approval is a world leading standard and using high quality components to achieve this allows us to offer a solid 5 year warranty on Orion products with a life expectancy of 7 years. 

Diodes: 54 Osram SSL Diodes What is the actual power of LED Grow Lights Consumption: 50wConsumption and Coverage help Power: 50wWhat is the actual power of LED Grow Lights
Size: 120cm x 2.5cm x 3 Lens: 80° Precision Lens 
Weight 3kg Input: AC100~277V
Temp: 20ºcHow hot do LED Grow Lights run Warranty: 5 YearsHow does my warranty work
Ideal for the Green House

The Budmaster Orion OD series has been designed with the greenhouse in mind and has a robust no-nonsense built that will withstand the harshest climates. 

  1. Durable build quality using all UL approved components gives a long and effective lifetime
  2. No ingress from particles, moisture or insects with our IP65 rating. 
  3. Detachable IP66 rated heavy duty led driver. 
  4. Low power usage and plug and play installation. 
  5. Lightweight and Hi-Vis build.

Ideal for your complete veg stage or as a PAR supplement to your everyday growing needs, for example the Orion series can be coupled with a daylight sensor to boost or dim the units depending on the time of day or weather conditions, and its flexible build allow the units to be easily manoeuvred to suit your growing needs.

Exact Horticultural Wavelengths

With Osram leds every diode can be guaranteed to hit the exact wavelength and bandwidth that are needed for optimal photosynthesis as they are specifically designed for horticulture.

Many led grow lights have many different bands and this is simply not needed as even cheaper leds have a considerable bandwidth and can partially cover some of bandwidth that is required for most horticultural purposes.

Osram though have exhaustively researched and tested the exact peak wavelengths and bands needed for optimal photosynthesis and are being used globally in super massive hydroponic fixtures globally.

Minimum Output Drop Over Time

For example most led’s are made for industrial, commercial or domestic applications and they measure their drop in output over time based on a short general usage time.  

So for example a many diodes designed to be used in flood lighting or car headlights will drop output considerably when used for horticulture as these type of diodes are only expected to be on for 2-3 hours maximum at a time not for 12 – 20 hours at a time.

With the Osram led’s that we are using they are designed to be on for long periods of time and have a lifespan of double a normal led at a staggering 100,000 hours with very minimal drop in output over time.

Superior German Engineering

Germany has for decades produced goods of such high quality that they have become renowned worldwide as the masters of engineering bringing many superiors quality products such as Osram leds, Mercedes Benz, BMW etc.

The Osram factory in Germany quality control is paramount and as a result every single Osram diode basically has a birth certificate and each one can be traced back to its exact point of origin and its details are available at the click of a button for inspection.

This of course means that we can have 100% confidence in the quality of their leds as they are second to none.


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