Carbo Air 60 Filter ( 150mm x 660mm)

Carbo Air 60 Filter ( 150mm x 660mm)


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CarboAir 60 150 660

CarboAir™ 60 has been developed as we have found higher concentrations of VOCs in the exhaust air from medium and larger grow environments with stronger strains.

CarboAir 60 has a deeper carbon bed of 60mm and a longer body. This provides a longer contact time between the air and carbon removing higher concentrations of VOCs. The 60mm carbon bed of virgin activated granular carbon has been developed to last under harsher conditions. Our filters have been designed to perform for a minimum of 18 months. With stronger strains you are safe with CarboAir 60.

  • Max air flow 1350m3/h
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Comes with a machine washable pre-filter
  • 18 month guarantee
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