Mills Sugar Rush 5ltr

Mills Sugar Rush 5ltr


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Time to push your plant's essential oil and resin production to the max!

Sugar Rush is a flowering supplement, that is scientifically designed to be used in the mid to late flowering period to stimulate your plant's resin and trichome production. It is used to increase the plant’s metabolism, bulk up your plant, speed up the Krebs cycle, and produce higher levels of essential oil and resin.

  • Increases plant metabolism on a cellular level
  • Protects plants against insect infestations, sun, and damage
  • Massive weight enhancer
  • Uses a complex mix or micro and macro minerals to stimulate essential resin and oil production
  • Bulks up your crop, leading to a heavier yield
  • High water absorption from the air
  • Makes flower heads produce more Pappus
  • Not to be used alongside any other PK

Sugar Rush Contains:

Sugar Rush comes in 250mls, 1L and 5L

How Sugar Rush works:

Sugar Rush is an effective nutrient that uses a complex combination of refined natural elements and biomechanical processes to produce more Pappus and essential oils from the flower heads, which are vital when heading to harvest. It also produces higher levels of terpenes which enriches the plant’s aromas.

It contains citric acid metabolites which stimulate the plant’s metabolism, and therefore speed up the Krebs cycle. This strengthens the plant and bulks up your crop once flowering is complete. Sugar Rush ensures a boost in your plant’s trichome which is essential to achieving the maximum amount of flowering possible.

This abundance of essential oils and resin helps to increase the plant’s resistance of common garden pests and diseases. When producing more resin and oils, the plant becomes strengthened, and therefore become less susceptible to sun damage and pests, which allows the plant to concentrate fully on producing more flowers, and growth.

Through this the plant will be better protected, which means it can obtain more from its environment and absorb higher amounts of water from the air.

Using Sugar Rush:

Sugar Rush is to be used in the last 4 weeks of blooming, at 1.5 -2.5ml per litre. If using it in conjunction with Mills Nutrients C4, make sure to use them in alternative feeds so that they are not mixed together in the same nutrient solution.

Sugar Rush can be used in all varieties of growing mediums, including coco, soil and hydro.

Sugar Rush must be kept out of reach of children, and is harmful if it comes into contact with your eyes. Avoid ingesting or breathing in the product, as it could be corrosive and harmful to your health if swallowed. Avoid direct heat, fire, or contact with your skin, as prolonged exposure could cause irritation.

Chemical Composition

Total Nitrogen (N): 0.0 % w/w

Phosphate (P2O5): 7.0 % w/w 

Potassium (K2O): 8.0 % w/w

Physical Appearance

Appearance: Liquid

Colour: Brown

Odour: Charasterics Odor

Density: 1.09 kg/l

pH: 5.5-6.5


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