minimax digi light 150w

minimax digi light 150w


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MINIMAX 150 Micro-processor controlled Electronic 
Finally  the lighting solution revolution has arrived.  
Following a three year period of research and testing
The MINIMAX  150 micro-processor ballast has  now
completed trial testing, qualifying the Minimax 150 for
CE registration.  Fully tested and registered the Minimax 
150 is now ready for the market.  
Running at less than  0.65  amp we feel that this little 
unit will revolutionize indoor grow lighting.  No longer 
do we have to compromise with CFL bulbs or LED 
panels.   The MINIMAX  150  operates  with either 
Metal Halide (blue vegetative) or, High Pressure Sodium 
bulbs (red flowering).   Test results have shown  that 
three MINIMAX 150 units produced better yields than
one 600w Digital unit.  The 600w Digi ballast is rated at 
2.75amps whereas the  MINIMAX  150 is rated at 
0.63amp.  In real terms you could run four Minimax 150 
units for less power consumption than one 600w digital 
unit. Four MiniMax 150w will cover  nearly  twice the
area of one 600w for less energy cost.  
Advantages of the  Minimax 150w include the 
 Draws only 0.63 amp
 Reduced power consumption.  Uses a fifth 
when compared with the 600w  electronic 
 High lumen output
 Low bulb temperature.  Reducing  the need for 
high volume cooling fans
 Added  stability for the environment
 Full RF filtration
 No need  for costly  contact/relay controllers  
Operates when used with any timer
 Operates with  either M/H or HPS 150w bulbs
 The Minimax 150 Ballast carries a full three year 
Considering the above advantages we confidently 
conclude that the  MINIMAX 150 is one of the most 
environmentally friendly electronic Ballasts available,
producing maximum output for minimum power 
The Minimax 150 is not like the standard ballast, the 
Minimax 150 is a completely new way to maximise the
light/energy within the growing environment. One of 
the most technically advanced electronic 150w ballast 
available anywhere.
Why is The Minimax 150 so different? The reason is 
not  merely about reduced power consumption.   The 
Minimax 150 electronic ballast uses the latest microprocessor  technology  to regulate and control the 
energy to light ratio. This allows for the use of  either 
HPS or Metal Halide bulbs.
The  Minimax 150 ballast  contains the latest
technology micro-processors which regulate the ballast
as follows
 Makes continuous adjustments based upon 
lamp type used
 Monitors the bulb to maintain the optimum 
light output to power ratio 
 Reduces energy consumption and bulb 
temperature  producing maximum light 
 Adjusts to compensate for bulb degradation
 Controls light output to bulb  temperature 
efficiency, (maximum light, minimum energy)
The Minimax 150 is programmed to soft start.  No 
need for the usual initial start-up power surge to ignite 
the bulb. This will extend bulb life and allows for several 
units to start at the same time, without a large draw on
The Minimax 150 
 High lumens per watt output.
 Completely silent in operation. 
 Fully compliant with all CE Regulations for 
 Each unit is factory tested for a full twelve 
hours to ensure product quality and reliability.



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