NFT 205 Grow Tank kit (70x40x20cm)

NFT 205 Grow Tank kit (70x40x20cm)


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NFT is uniquely simple. It involves a shallow film of nutrient solution ( nutrient & water ) constantly recirculating past the roots of the plants. Nutrient solution is pumped from the reservoir up to the NFT channel, the solution flows down the channel over the plants roots and then drains off into the reservoir.

NFT stands for ‘Nutrient Film Technique', a very shallow stream (or film) of water containing dissolved nutrients is constantly pumped past the bare roots of plants. 

The main advantage of the NFT system over other hydroponic methods is that the plant roots are always exposed to a perfectly balanced supply of water, oxygen, and nutrients. In every other method there is a conflict between these requirements, the optimum amount of one results in an imbalance of one or both of the others.

The secret to NFT's success is that because very little growing medium is used a thick root mat quickly develops, the upper surface of this root mat is always exposed to the air (so the roots have superb access to oxygen) and the roots are always moist with water and nutrients.

This means that plants have access to the optimum amount of water, oxygen and nutrients all at the same time. The result is higher yields of high-quality produce and a longer period of cropping.

A properly designed NFT system must have the right channel slope, the right flow rate, and the right channel length.

Kit Contains

• Bottom Tank
• Top Tray
• Correx Cover
• Spare Oxy Pump
• Gro-tank Delivery Tube

ideal for 1 - 3 plants.


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