Philips Hortilux hse 600watt Light

Philips Hortilux hse 600watt Light


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Hortilux - HSE 600 Watt

Hortilux has the best in glasshouse technology for the horticultural industry. The Hortilux HSE600W Electronic Ballast System is a revolutionary design that brings glasshouse technology to the hobby industry.



  • Philips electronics
  • Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus 600W 400V electronic lamp
  • Highly efficient PAR output of 1190µmol per second
  • Interchangeable Delta & Zeta reflectors made from 97% reflective MIRO-9 (glass-coated) aluminium
  • Up to 10% more growth light than traditional domestic HID lighting systems
  • Cooling fins and heat shield
  • RF Shielded


The Hortilux HSE 600W uses an advanced electronic ballast with Philips components to power a Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus 600W 400V electronic lamp from your domestic 240V supply. This gives you up to 10% more growth light than traditional 240V lighting systems for increased yields. A protective ventilated membrane on the fixture guards the components from moisture and dust. The fixture is maintenance free with cooling fins and a heat shield to ensure safe thermal management and closer positioning to your plants.


Ready for the future

The Horilux Light has been researched and designed to meet the demand for powerful lighting with energy efficiency, the HSE 600W is light years ahead in horticultural technology. The light output from the Philips horticultural lamp is optimised especially for plant growth, giving excellent PAR output from the lamp per watt of power consumed.

Increasing your yields with high PAR output:  Plant growth increases when plants are given light with a high number of photons ranging across the violet to red spectrum.  Light from this spectrum is called Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) and is the number of photons per second from this spectrum measured in micromoles. The HSE 600W has a highly efficient PAR output of 1.91 micromoles per second per watt for maximum plant growth.


The Delta Reflector

The HSE 600W comes complete with the Delta deep penetration reflector made from MIRO-9 glass-coated aluminium for 97% light reflection. This is designed to give an optimum uniform spread of light ideal for plants up to 80cm in height. The Delta provides deep light penetration meaning it can be used throughout your crop up to this height.


The Zèta Reflector

The Zèta deep penetration reflector is also available for this system. Made from MIRO-9 glass-coated aluminium, its unique shape penetrates light even deeper down through adult crops of 80cm or more in height.


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