GAS Digital EC Fan Controller

GAS Digital EC Fan Controller


Silent control, No humming from the EC fans or controller

Precise climate control, fan speed adjusts in 1% increments 0 – 100%

Reduced power consumption compared to AC motor fans

Shows minimum and maximum temperature

Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Easy to set up plugs directly into EC Vector Fans

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The Digital EC Fan Controller from Global Air Systems has been designed to control Revolution EC Vector fans. How do EC fan controllers work, it's very simple EC fans are plugged into the mains power supply and controlled via a low voltage signal cable from the EC fan controller. Regulates temperature by increasing or decreasing speed of EC Vector fans whilst producing no electrical humming noise. Reactive Temperature Technology RTT built-in to the EC fan controllers microchip stands guard over the climate in your grow room. When a sudden spike in temperature is detected the EC fan controller will react quickly to increase fan speed, stabilising the temperature. Whereas if there is a gentle rise in temperature, the controller will increase the fan speed gradually. When the temperature is higher than the setpoint the fans speed will increase in 1% increments until the temperature is stabilised. Power savings, EC fans have a much lower running cost when compared to standard AC fans using triac based fan speed controllers. When the EC fan speed is turned down with the EC fan controller the power consumption is also reduced. Standard AC fans and speed controller will use the same amount of power even when they are turned down. Over time an EC fan and controller will save you a considerable amount of money.


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