Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fans

Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fans


EC (electrically commutated) Vector Fans combine AC and DC voltages to bring you the pinnacle of extraction fan technology. Easy speed controllability with precision, lower power consumption and higher quantities of air movement are standard with this truly exceptional range of extraction / inlet fans.

Revolution Silenced EC Vector fans feature aerodynamically optimised impellers and guide vanes with integrated external rotor motors to deliver optimal performance levels and power. To protect the motor from overheating the fan has integrated electronic motor protection.

To make the most of the Silenced EC Vector fan you need to use the G.A.S. EC Fan Controller which is the only fan controller suitable for use with these advanced EC fans. The fan controller comes with a 5m extension cable. Additional y splitter cables and extensions can be used to connect an intake fan to the system.

Latest state of the art energy saving EC technology.

Single piece moulded fan housing, no possibility of air leakages.

No humming, buzzing even on lower speeds.

Minimum fan speed can be altered from 0-100% with EC fan controller.

Maintenance free and reliable quality – made in Germany.

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150mm - 781m³/h, 47dB @ 3m, 77W 200mm - 1332m³/h, 50dB @ 3m, 117W 250mm - 1822m³/h, 50dB @ 3m, 126W 250mm - 2077m³/h, 50dB @ 3m, 165W


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